Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

Frost Law is committed to helping you with your Florida criminal case. As a former prosecutor, Chad Frost is experienced in criminal law and knows how to defend all types of Florida criminal cases. Now as a Defense Attorney, he is committed to standing by you throughout your case.

This page contains an overview of criminal charges Frost Law can help you with, as well as links information on the criminal case process in Florida.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Florida Criminal Cases

What is the process of a Florida Criminal Case?

See our section on the Life of Criminal Case.

How do I find out more information about the Crime I am being accused of?

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How does the State determine the penalties I am facing?

The State is required to use a Scoresheet to determine your possible penalty. If this is your first offense, please check out PTI and PTD to learn more about how diversion works. Diversion is process where your case will be dismissed at the completion of the program.