Diversion Programs in Florida

Depending on the nature of the crime and where the alleged crime occurred, sometimes the State may have a Diversion program that you can enter into. The Court may also allow you to enter into a Diversion program as well.

Diversion programs often end with your case being dismissed. If this is your first time experiencing criminal charges, a dismissal is one of the best possible resolutions you can hope for.

Generally, there are two types of Diversion Program, Pre-Trial Diversion (PTD) and Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI). Diversion programs vary, so it’s important to speak with a defense attorney who can help and advise you through the process.

Pre-Trial Intervention

Pre-Trial Intervention, or PTI, is a diversion program that is governed by the court. Set out in Florida Statute 948.08, PTI is applicable most often to first time offenders. PTI applies in both misdemeanors and felonies of the 3rd degree that are not violent.

It is often the Judge who decides whether a person is able to get into a PTI program. However, the State Attorney can often influence a Judge’s decision. In some circumstances, if the State objects in a drug case, the State must prove that the defendant is dealing drugs.

Getting into a PTI program can be your best option, therefore, it’s important to speak with a skilled Florida criminal defense attorney about your case.

Pre-Trial Diversion

Pre-Trial Diversion, or PTD, is Orange County’s deferred program offered by the State Attorney’s office for first time offenders. With the conclusion of a PTD program, your case will be dismissed.

Whether the offense qualifies for PTD depends on the charge and the facts of the case. Most often, PTD is given in nonviolent cases involving Misdemeanors or Felonies of the 3rd Degree and sometimes in Felonies of the 2nd Degree.

The length of PTD and conditions vary depending on the charge. It’s important to talk with a skilled defense attorney about your case.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Chad Frost has evaluated hundreds of cases and determined if they should be eligible for PTD. He is committed to putting his experience to work helping you explore the best defense option for your case.

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