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Professional License Defense Attorney

Licensed professionals provide many different services throughout Florida that are vital to our communities. As such, they are held to some of the highest professional standards. From time to time, complaints or criminal charges can jeopardize the dedication and hard work of these professionals. If you are a doctor, nurse, or other licensed professional facing criminal charges or a complaint against your license, it’s important to get in front of it as soon as possible. Frost Law can help you navigate the complaint process and aggressively defend your license to mitigate consequences and protect your reputation and career.


Guiding You Through The Complaint Process

Frost Law provides experienced and dedicated legal representation to defend professionals from complaints and disciplinary action against their license. The complaint process can be quite complex, our team will guide you every step of the way, with the ultimate goal of successfully challenging the allegations.

Initiation of a Complaint

Complaints against licensed professionals begin with an individual, government agency or insurance company filing a complaint with the Florida Department of Health (DOH) or the Florida Department of Businesses and Professional Regulation (DBPR).

Investigation Period

The licensed professional is then notified with the basic details of the complaint. At this point, it is critical to hire an experienced professional license defense attorney as soon as you’re made aware of any complaint against your license. You only have a limited amount of time to formulate an initial reply to the allegations against you. At this point, Frost Law can help in crafting a strong reply against the allegations and begin building your defense.

Frost Law will also provide full representation throughout the investigation process and any subsequent hearings that follow. Investigations typically consist of gathering pertinent documents and records as well as interviews of the complainant, the licensed professional, and any witnesses.

Probable Cause Panel

At a Probable Cause Panel, members of the regulatory agency for your license will review the attorney’s recommendation and decide whether probable cause exists in your case. Frost Law can provide aggressive defense at this stage in the complaint process and if no probable cause is found, your case will be dismissed.

Administrative Hearings

If the panel decides to move forward and prosecute the case, the claimant may file an Administrative Complaint against the professional and request a hearing before the Department of State’s Division of Administrative Hearings. During a hearing, both parties typically testify to the actions in question, along with any witnesses. Following the hearing, an Administrative Law Judge will submit a recommendation to the regulatory board or agency. The regulating agency will then make a final decision to accept, reject or modify the ALJ’s recommendation. An experienced professional license defense attorney can provide guidance and help you in crafting a strategic defense strategy throughout the hearing process.


Professional License Defense in Florida

For the over 400,000 licensed professionals in the state of Florida, a single accident, assumption, action or event could lead to a disciplinary proceeding being initiated against their license. Our firm provides representation for professionals across a variety of fields including:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Physician’s Assistants
  • Pharmacists
  • Dentists
  • Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Counselors
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Real Estate Agents & Brokers

At Frost Law, we understand how hard these professionals work and how vital their license is to their career, their livelihood and their future. We work tirelessly to defend professionals in complaints against their license as well as any criminal charges that arise. Call (407) 670-5569 to speak with an experienced Orlando professional license defense attorney today in a free and confidential consultation.