How To Check If Your License Is Suspended

There are many drivers who have their licenses suspended, but often have no idea. Most of these drivers first become aware of their license suspension when they are stopped by law enforcement for a traffic violation. To make matters worse, driving without a license is usually associated with a range of penalties, including monetary fines and even incarceration.

Florida driver licenses can be suspended for many reasons, including:

– Accruing too many traffic violation points

– Failure to meet the minimal vision requirements

– Failure to pay a traffic fine

– Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

– Delinquency on child support payments

– Inability to operate a motor vehicle safely

– Having some type of felony or criminal history

– Failing to appear in court after a traffic violation

– Having a serious medical or health issue that makes it unsafe to operate a motor vehicle


Not Carrying Auto Insurance

A very common reason why drivers in Florida have their license suspended is for failing to have proper car registration or minimal motor vehicle insurance as mandated by the State. The DMV recommends that the driver have a minimum of $10,000 coverage for personal injury protection and $10,000 for liability. For those who fail to have this minimum insurance the driver’s license can be suspended for up to 36 months or until you provide proof that you have obtained an auto insurance policy that satisfies these requirements. In addition, there is always an administration fee which varies from $200-$500.


Failing To Complete Traffic School

Many drivers who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, dangerous driving accidents, DUI or have accrued many tickets related to traffic violations are ordered to complete traffic school in Florida. This is a court order and failing to do so will mean suspension of your driver’s license. Your license will not be activated until you meet all the outstanding requirements and also pay a reinstatement fee.


How To Check The Status Of Your Florida Driver’s License

The easiest and simplest way to check the status of your driver’s license is to go to the Florida driver license website at  At this website, you will have to enter the following details:

– Driver License Number

– Social Security Number (last four digits only)

– Auto Insurance information

The system will look at the database and within a few minutes tell you if your license is suspended or what the current status is. For minors under the age of 18, the caregiver or parent can enter the date of birth to look at the driving history.

The Florida department of highway safety and motor vehicles will not provide details of the status of your driver’s license over the phone. If you do not have internet access, then you will have to go in person to the nearest DMV office, have two pieces of ID (one of which must have a photo), your social security card and proof of automobile insurance.


Contact An Experienced Traffic Attorney

If you’re driver’s license has been suspended, revoked or you’re facing a traffic violation, you need the help of a Florida traffic attorney. Driving in the state of Florida is an extremely important privilege, which if not protected, can have serious and lasting implications on your life. Frost Law represents clients in all types of traffic cases, from speeding tickets to DUI, driving with a suspended licensereckless driving and more. Get help from an experienced trial attorney and former state prosecutor. Call (407) 670-5569 for your free consultation and case review.


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