Orlando Employee Theft Defense

There is no doubt that being accused of a crime such as employee theft will have a significant impact on your future. Many people don’t realize the serious and far reaching implications of such an allegation and will therefore fail to take the necessary steps to protect themselves.

Employee theft is typically categorized in Florida as a white-collar crime. This means that it committed by an individual in a position of trust or in a professional position. There are many different stereotypes associated with white collar criminals which is why prosecutors and judges in Orlando tend to be especially strict when enforcing or investigating the law.

If you have been accused of employee theft in Orlando, you need an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney. Those individuals who have been accused of employee theft and are ultimately convicted of this crime may face more serious penalties than those who have been accused of a lesser charge like shoplifting.

Handling Charges of Employee Theft in Orlando

When you have been accused of employee theft, some of the alternative sentencing options such as a diversionary program that allows you to avoid the impacts of a permanent record of your criminal conviction are not available. This is just one more reason why it is essential to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who has a track record of representing people in cases like this.

Do you know that a charge of employee theft, and even worse, a conviction for the same crime, can make it hard for you to even be considered as an employee in the future? Unfortunately, when charges are pressed against someone who has been wrongly accused, this can haunt the accused individual for months or even years. This is why it’s so important that a lawyer who understands these charges be retained immediately. It’s the only way to have some peace of mind that someone is in your corner fighting for you.

Not every lawyer will take the same approach to defending you. Making a mistake in who you select as a lawyer is a problem that could follow you for many years to come, so make sure you take the time to find someone who has experience in this area of the law. Your lawyer should be your biggest advocate over the course of your criminal case. He or she should believe in helping you with every option available, whether that’s fighting the charges or looking for a plea deal that gives you the most possible benefit.

With a future of your own to worry about, staying calm and hiring a lawyer you can trust to protect your rights and interests must be at the forefront of your mind. When you hire an Orlando employee theft lawyer right away, you show the police and prosecutors that you’re dedicated to protecting your integrity and your rights over the course of the case. Expect that no one else in the criminal justice system will be looking out for you, so make sure you have confidence in the selection or your Orlando criminal defender. Requesting an initial consultation with an employee theft defense lawyer in Orlando can open your eyes to whether or not this is the right person to work with you in your case.

Penalties for Employee Theft

The consequences of what will happen in an employee theft conviction will vary based on law enforcement’s decision on what to charge you with.

Since there are no Florida laws that expressly stipulate employee theft as a crime distinct from other allegations of theft, you could be charged with multiple crimes. For example, you may be charged with fraud, theft, or grand larceny. Grand larceny involves claims of taking items valued at $300 or more. You could even be charged with other crimes such as being part of an organized scheme to commit fraud or operating such a scheme. The penalties are much higher for these allegations. The amount of money ultimately stolen and the method by which you obtained it will play a crucial role in determining the charges that you face.

Prosecutors may even attempt to pursue multiple charges with the goal of getting you convicted of at least one. This makes it all the more important to retain an Orlando criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience with employee theft allegations.

Do You Really Need a Lawyer?

There is too much on the line for your future to leave this up to chance. Any allegation of theft including employee theft should be responded to by retaining an experienced and committed criminal defense attorney. You can bet that the authorities, including the prosecutors in your case in Florida, will work as hard as possible and use every resource at their disposal to obtain a conviction. These attorneys will often have years of experience in pursuing employee theft charges and will work quickly to gather a case against you.

Once you have been arrested, they may even try to encourage you to cooperate in the case and share as much information as possible about the circumstances. You may think that you are doing yourself a favor by communicating with them and telling them what they need to know. It is important to realize, however, that you could be providing them with far more information than is necessary or that you are legally required to give.

You could be making their job of prosecuting and convicting you that much easier. Instead it is strongly recommended that you schedule a consultation immediately with an Orlando employee theft criminal defense attorney so that you have an opportunity to walk through the circumstances of your arrest as well as the alleged incidents involved so that you can identify any opportunities in which the authorities overstepped their bounds and violated their rights.

The value of the stolen goods will also have a determining impact on assessing your potential sentence. For property valued between $300 and $20,000, this could lead to grand larceny allegations as well as taking property valued between $20,000 and $100,000. If you are looking at a claim of taking more than $20,000 worth of goods, second degree felony charges may apply and your maximum prison sentence can be increased to 15 years. Beyond jail time, a conviction will also likely mandate that you repay the employer for the amount stolen. The fines for this include up to $10,000 for second degree felony charges and $5,000 for third degree felony charges.

Do I Really Need a Defense Attorney to Represent Me?

You may be under the impression that since the court is responsible for awarding you a public defender if you are unable to pay for your own attorney, that this is a route you should pursue. The consequences of any conviction, however, can change your life significantly. Not taking your case seriously enough and making small mistakes at the outset could compromise your very freedom or ability to obtain a job in the future.

A criminal record for employee theft can make it impossible to obtain a job in the future and this is to say nothing of the influence of the potential fines and incarceration. The stakes are extremely high for you and your future and you need to respond promptly by retaining an Orlando criminal defense attorney who has a background in assisting with cases of employee theft.

A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Orlando will help you by evaluating your case immediately and then determining from there how to proceed. Sharing the facts of the case as well as your concerns give you an opportunity to get your questions answered and to prepare a compelling defense strategy with the help of your lawyer. If the evidence against you is strong, your attorney may decide to negotiate a plea bargain to minimize the potential penalties. If you stole items rather than money, your attorney may be able to help you in terms of fighting for a decreased valuation of the stolen items to reduce your overall charges. There are numerous other tactics that may be used by your Orlando criminal defense attorney to avoid conviction completely.

If the search that identified the stolen property was illegal, the evidence could be thrown out as this is a violation of your constitutional rights. As you can see, there are many different complicated factors involved in criminal defense cases and many people do not realize the steps they need to take to protect themselves until it is too late.

However, retaining an attorney who knows the grounds for employee theft and who will work hard to advocate for you over the duration of your case is extremely important for your future. Waiting too long could compromise your ability to enjoy a meaningful career. Don’t make the mistake of sharing too much with the authorities or failing to get an attorney who cares about protecting you and your individual rights. You deserve to have the knowledge and commitment provided by someone who has worked in this field for many years.

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