Orlando Professional Licensure Attorney

Orlando, FL Professional Licensure Attorney | Frost LawFrost Law is committed to helping health care professionals defend their license against complaints or investigations. Florida statutes outline a number of different regulations that relate to licensed professionals throughout the state. When you know you need help with any sort of licensing issue, you should always discuss the situation directly with an experienced lawyer who can tell you more about what to expect, answer your questions and help you create the best defense for your case.

Your Orlando health care license attorney can help you prepare for what to anticipate and protect your ability to earn a living and be taken seriously in your field. These worthwhile goals can be discussed in your initial intake meeting so that you have a firm grasp on what’s next. Your professional licensure attorney will become an advocate for you so that you feel fully confident in the management of an existing administrative claim.

An experienced Orlando professional licensure attorney may help you to obtain as well as to defend your professional license. A number of different people in professional fields can benefit from the insight of a professional licensure attorney, including pharmacists, mental health practitioners, nurses, nurse practitioners, dentists, physician assistants, physicians, emergency medical technicians, and more.

Licensure Issues We Defend Against

  • Florida Department of Health (DOH) Investigations
  • Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) Investigations
  • Administrative Complaints & Hearings
  • Medical Board Hearings
  • Nursing Board Hearings
  • Failure to Report an Action or Conviction
  • Substance Abuse
  • Criminal Issues & More

What To Do If You Have A Complicated Licensing Issue

If you’re facing an administrative or a criminal matter, it’s important to realize how this can affect your personal future in terms of your freedom and consequences of a conviction, as well as your professional future. Your ability to earn a living may be entirely dependent on your professional license, and it’s necessary to have an Orlando criminal defense attorney, who is thoroughly experienced in this field to help you prepare for how to move forward.

A knowledgeable Orlando professional licensure defense attorney understands that you are personally, emotionally, as well as financially invested in your career and your practice. You need a lawyer who will work diligently and comprehensively to help you address challenges and issues associated with obtaining or defending your license. This can allow you to maintain your practice, as well as your livelihood.

Your Professional Licensing Lawyer

Professional licensing is a complicated and very unique area of the law. It requires a lawyer who is well-versed in the professional licensing standards and the various professions that require licensure, as well as the possible repercussions of any legal action against your practice.

You will need an Orlando professional licensure attorney who has experience helping defend clients against disciplinary actions, avoid collateral and future consequences of an administrative licensing or criminal action, and to help you in obtaining your license.

What Can Be Provided By An Orlando Professional Licensure Attorney?

An Orlando professional licensure attorney can help with a range of different tasks that fall under the general category of professional licensure. These include:

  • Criminal convictions and arrests
  • Peer review or hospital credentialing issues
  • Exclusions by the office of the inspector general
  • Applications for licensure
  • Appeals of board disciplinary actions
  • Administrative hearings
  • Licensing board investigations or complaints
  • Adverse national practitioner data bank reports
  • Medicare or Medicaid fraud allegations and investigations
  • Reports made to credentialing bodies or professional organizations
  • Military credentialing hearings
  • Allegations of substance abuse

Criminal Complaints Against Licensed Professionals

A criminal allegation against anyone is a serious matter and one that requires insight from an Orlando criminal defense attorney, but the stakes are even higher for a licensed professional. Criminal complaints against a licensed individual is often tied directly to that person’s livelihood.

Whether you are under investigation in a criminal matter from a governing board or the authorities, you need an Orlando criminal defense attorney who can help you figure out how to fight back against these charges and to determine the best resolution.

Common matters include white collar crimes, kickbacks, false medical claims, health care or insurance fraud, improper billing and coding, allegations of Medicaid and Medicare fraud, violations of any controlled substances act, and more. It is imperative for any licensed professional to retain an experienced attorney who can defend them regarding the laws associated with licensure and in criminal court. These cases are managed separately, but are often connected with one another and can have far reaching implications. If you have been accused of a crime, your livelihood, your reputation and your license is on the line.

You need someone who is committed to thoroughly defending you because the outcome of a criminal conviction can influence your employment, membership in professional organizations, hospital privileges and board certifications. Additional consequences can also apply, associated with placement on the office of the inspector general’s exclusions list, a report to the National Practitioner Data Bank, or the inability to provide services under Medicare or Medicaid. These serious issues should only be handled directly by a knowledgeable attorney.

Common Actions Against Your Professional License

Even if you are not accused of violating a specific criminal law, regardless of where you are at in maintaining or obtaining your professional license, you could be subject to an array of adverse actions. Your ability to handle this situation professionally by retaining an attorney who will fight back on your behalf is extremely important. Your application for licensure could be denied for numerous different reasons, including:

  • That your license has been denied and you are required to appeal
  • That you conducted business or practiced in Florida prior to getting licensed
  • You require a variance or rule waiver which you did not obtain
  • Licensing requirements changed over the course of your education

All of these issues need to be handled directly by an attorney who cares about your future. After you are licensed, you could face disciplinary action or even become a subject of a criminal complaint. You need a lawyer who understands the unique concerns of specialists and professionals, regarding the administrative and criminal consequences.

What Can an Attorney Do for You?

An experienced professional licensure attorney will work with the investigatory board on your behalf and concentrate on your defense while you remain focused on your livelihood. Regardless of whether you’re a chiropractor, mental health professional, physician, veterinarian or a nurse, you deserve to have someone who understands your unique industry and how to best protect you.

Administrative agencies and licensing boards have complex procedures and unique rules, making it all the more important that you retain a lawyer who is thoroughly experienced in this field. While a case may seem simple at the outset, it often develops into complex concerns and statute evaluation, and you will need an attorney who is familiar with the end to end process including hearings, interviews, proposed settlements and appeals.

A lawyer can help you with several different aspects of preparing and responding to your claim. Your legal interests should always be represented by an attorney so that you can make sure that you did not make common mistakes that could result in the loss of your professional license. Your attorney can help by:

  • Responding to the complaint, presenting evidence to your licensing board or investigator to negate or minimize any claims lodged in the complaint.
  • Cooperating with the investigation while remaining defensive to assist you with what to say and not to say during this difficult time.
  • Putting together a defense. Your professional licensure attorney will put together a letter to the licensing board addressing their concerns. In and of itself, this may resolve the case or plant the seed for future settlement opportunities.

The goal of your professional licensure attorney should be to resolve these issues as efficiently and as quickly as possible, so that you can put this unfortunate matter behind you and allow you to move forward with your life.

The attorney will also provide you with valuable insight about how to successfully navigate the system, provide advice on whether or not settlement is appropriate versus challenging the allegations and the likely timelines for each, argue the mitigating circumstances which could decrease your penalties, offer strategies and options, and provide you representation before professional boards.

Contact An Experienced Professional Licensure Attorney

The serious issues surrounding someone who is in the position of having to defend their professional license are extremely important, and the varying sets of laws in place at the state and federal level, which may be associated with professionals as a whole or your individual industry, should always be reviewed carefully by your attorney. If you do not have an attorney who is highly confident in representing your best interests before the licensing and certification boards as well as a criminal case, you could expose yourself to mistakes that could cost you your livelihood. You have put a great deal of time and energy into working towards your career, and you deserve an attorney who will care for you and fight diligently for you at every stage. Take the first step in defending your license, your career and your livelihood, call Frost Law at (407) 670-5569 to speak with an experienced Orlando professional licensure attorney today.