Student Conduct Hearings & Education Attorney

Orlando Student Conduct HearingsAt Frost Law, we understand just how important you or your child’s academic career is to  you.

If you or your child has been accused of violating a student conduct code, committing a crime, or are facing expulsion from school, we’ll work hard to protect your academic future and defend your rights.

As an education attorney, we are experienced when it comes to helping students effectively handle Orlando student conduct hearings.


Orlando Student Conduct Hearings

Student Codes of Conduct are used by universities and colleges to outline the school’s values and set expectations when it comes to student behavior. At UCF, this is known as The Golden Rule, a collection of policies and procedures that students are expected to follow as a member of the community. At Rollins College, it is known as the Code of Community Standards, and at Valencia College, the Student Code of Conduct.

Student code of conduct violations can result from many different allegations, such as underage drinking, driving under the influence (DUI), possession or sale of marijuana or other drugs, public intoxication, and more. In many cases, you will have to attend a student conduct hearing with the school as well as the court system. These two processes are independent of each other.

Defense Attorney Chad Frost knows how to work with both the schools and the courts to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.


Orlando Area School Expulsion Hearings

For children and young adults, a minor infraction can have lasting consequences for their future if they face a school expulsion. If your child has been suspended or is facing expulsion, it’s important to get help from an experienced attorney immediately.

Each school provides a Student Code of Conduct that outlines the school’s rules and expectations students are required to follow. Student Code of Conduct violations can include cheating, disruption, fighting and confrontations, bullying, theft, vandalism, gang activity, possession of alcohol or drugs, robbery, bomb threats, harassment, and more.

Violations are categorized into different levels of offenses, with different disciplinary actions, some requiring immediate suspension and a recommendation for expulsion. School administrators must adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to filing for suspensions and expulsions, so it’s critical that parents contact an experienced student conduct attorney as quickly as possible.

Depending on the nature of the allegation, a criminal case may be opened in addition to the school hearing. Having an experienced student conduct attorney defending your child can make a big difference in his or her future.


Juvenile Crimes

If your child is facing a criminal charge, it’s important to hire an experienced defense attorney right away help protect your child’s rights. There are several different outcomes that can stem from juvenile charges, ranging from probation and community service to sentencing in a juvenile detention center or even being charged as an adult, facing penalties that come with adult convictions.

An criminal defense attorney can provide guidance, craft a defense for your child’s case and if needed, aggressively defend your child in court.