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What Is Gain Time For Florida Prisoners?

The court imposes a sentence for all persons convicted of a crime. The prisoner has an opportunity to reduce the sentence through gain time. Gain time is an incentive program to encourage satisfactory behavior. The basic time is 10 days for each month of the sentence.

What Is Considered Satisfactory Behavior?

When an inmate works diligently, participates in a training program, engages in positive activities the Department of Correction rewards the prisoner.

Meritorous gain time is when a prisoner performs an outstanding deed. The deductions from the sentence can be up to 60 days of gain time.

Educational gain time is when inmates take classes to achieve a vocational certificate or educational certificate. An addition of 60 days of gain time may be granted. Educational gain time can be awarded by completing the mandatory Literacy Program.

How To Calculate Gain Time?

If the crime is committed after October 1. 1995, prisoners will serve 85% of their sentence. That means ten days of gain time per month. No other gain time will be accumulated. Prisoners with life sentences are not eligible for gain time. Some examples are the following:

Sexual Assault: Maximum 15 years Minimum 12.8 years

Burglary: Maximum 10 years, Minimum 8.5 years

Drug Possession: Maximum 3 years, Minimum 2.5 years

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